Who We Are?

Founded Monga Mesh Industries in year 2018.We are preparing to grow, expand and enter the international business, and since the success of the last 4 years, we have been able to continuously improve the highest quality of our own products and our continuous approach to the plastics industry. We are also planning to assist other industries as well with our mesh designs in different shape and dimensions. At the same time, we develop new products to offer our customers more choices through our manufacturing department. With perfect quality control at all levels from raw materials to final products, our testing equipment always maintains sieving quality standards. We are proud to deliver all your orders within 48 hours with accurate mesh size and dimensions. Owing to an extensive range of ready-to-use Stainless Steel Wire Mesh Filters (Extruder Screens) with 202,304 L and 316 grade in a wide range of sizes 4 Mesh to 1500 Mesh 5mm to 750mm diameter.


We are recognized as the largest manufacturer of most major plastic machinery manufactorers throughout North India.As “Quality is the business of everyone”,we provide exciting products and services that consistently meet the needs the goals of our customers.Our commitment towards our customers is absolute.In a short spam of time,we have become one of the leading manufacturer of wire cloth,extruder screen(circular,any shape),screen packs.